Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CJ (6) : Articles of Agreement 1674 (Part 3)

This post continues the business agreement between our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) and Henry Benson (BE-1). The first twelve items have been presented in Part 1, and Part 2. It begins with item "Thirteenth":

"Thirteenth: I HENRY BENSON (BE-1) and I Capt. JONES (JO-1) doe grant that upon the five and Twentieth of March each year during our lives there be a just account either betweene me CAD. JONES (JO-1) or my Attorney with my Carpenter(sic)...[note: This is how the words were transcribed by Ruth and Sam Sparocio, editors, p. 50 of (Old) Rappahannock County Deed Book 1672 - 1676, Part II. I believe it to be a miss reading and more likely should read Copartner. This term has been applied to this agreement in context.] ... HENRY BENSON (BE-1) of all things whatsoever on both acted or done in the aforegoing yeare. It is allways agreed betweene us HENRY BENSON (BE-1) and CAD: JONES (JO-1) doe in the fall of the Leafe in September or October to pcure two able men servants to pced with my Partner HENRY BENSON (BE-1) upon the said Land. It is also agreed the charges of Casque shall be equal and in Truth between us as Real Copartners in truth and honesty Ratyffying and confirming what we have here above specified. In witness whereof we have Interchangeable set our hands and seals this 24 of December 1674 in the presence of us:

Nicholas Garney (GA-1) Henry Benson (BE-1)
Francis Taliaferro (TA -3), Thos. Parker (PAR-1) Cadwallader Jones (JO-1)
John Talieferro (TA-4), John Northam (NO-1)
Willm. Terry (TE-1)

Recordatr xth die January 1674 "

Note: This would actually be recorded January 1675.

This continues the surname Taliaferro in connection to our Cadwallader Jones. (JO-1). Associated surnames are often key in helping sort through the records of history.

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