Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CJ (#57) A Letter July 1692

The packet that was sent by Thomas Bulkley (BUL-1) as shown in the last post, contained a number of items that were intend to give additional information regarding the charges made by him.  The following is a copy of the first letter written July 16th 1692.

"A LETTER from Gilbert Ashley (AS-1), and Bowen Clasen (CLA-1), Esqs. (being Deputies to two of the Lords Proprietors of the Province of Carolina, and the Bahama Islands), and Thomas Bulkley (BUL-1), Secretary of the last Named Province.  Superscribed, To the Honourable Collonel Phillip Ludwell (LU-1), Governour of Carolina."

"Honourable Sir,
      Wee the subscribers (by Mr. William Baker (BA-2), owner of a Bark which arriv'd here, from South Carolina the 13th instant) having received some general but very imperfect Information of your being come thither with Authority from the Lords Proprietors, of that, and this Colony, either to be Chief Governour, or at least to inquire into the conduct of Publick Affairs in both, and to Reform what your Wisdom shall discern to need; do with with all Humble Deference, Congratulate your safe Arrival there, and earnestly with for the same here: Wee (two less considerable) standing in as much need of your Authority, and Wisdom to rectifie our most disorderly Governor.  We think not fit to Anticipate you with our Complaints, and the Causes thereof, which are many, and great; whereby a hopeful Settlement of these their Lordships Dominions, [capable of great Improvements] is not only much retarded, but almost ruin'd.  We (according to the duty of our several Places and Bratrons) have used our best Endeavours that such Laws and Ordinances might be Made, and Executed, as in our Judgments tended most to the Honour and Profit of our Masters, and general good of the Government and People : But to our grief, we find all Laws for the Suppression of Vice, and Incouragement of Virtue and Industry, either Opposed in the making, or Ennervated in the Execution, the Lords Interest wholy disregarded : and those who are most Zealous to promote it, Discoutenanced, the publick Treasure Secertiy and unaccountable consum'd all Sober, Virtuous, and Industrious Person Abbor'd ; Privateers and Pirates, and such like Dissolute and Debauch'd persons Pavoared, and thereby made Impudently Insolent.  In this deplorable case we are wholy destitute of a remedy, within our selves; for General Assemblies above all things are hated, and dreaded, and those who Petition for their Calling, and Sitting, termed Traitors; and when Summon'd, the good itentions defeated by packed Elections, of the most unfit, and unworthy Persons to be Members.  And if the will not rully confound all Designs, and Endeavors for publick good, then self-conceited King Solomon, or (more properly) King Bramble, will be sure to effect it, by his refusdal to pass Such Bills into Acts.  But the Soveraign Balsom of your Power and Prudence, (which we have a great Character of ) if seasonably applyed, may heal our Death Threatning Distempers.  To you therfore, as our Extraordinary Political Physition, we look and call for a speedy visit; the hopes whereof, is a Reviving Cordial to your Afficted Patients, who will be (as oppertunity effects) Your Faithful and Humble Servants,

                   New Providence, July the 16th 1692                               Gilbert Ashley (AS-1)
                                                                                                            Bown Clasen (CLA-1)
                                                                                                            Thomas Bulkey (BUL-1)"

The appointment and instructions to Colonel Philip Ludwell (LU-1) as Governor of Carolina was given November 1691. [W.L. Saunders, ed. The Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. I, pp. 373-384 ]  This letter would have been written very early to the arrival of Governor Ludwell (LU-1).  Remember that Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) was appointed Governor the Bahama Islands November 14, 1689.  This letter would have been written almost four years after his arrival to the Islands.