Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CJ (#29) The Humble Servant

During the years that our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) was active in (Old) Rappahannock County, the following is recorded in the deed book of 1682 - 1686:

"October Court 1684

      Know All Men by these presents that I John Griffin (GR-2) of the Parish of Kingston in the County of Glocester, Shipwright, doe by these presents sell and this day have delivered a Barke called "The Humble Servant" about fifty odd tunns with all appurtenances fitted as to Carpenters work now Riding at an anchor in Blackwater Creeke for the value of One hundred and forty pounds Sterl. money of England in hand reced from Col. Cadwallether Jones (JO-1) of Rappa: County Gent., for and in value whereof the abovesd money I the said Griffin (JO-2) have this day freely sold the above Barke, "the Humble Servant", to the use of the abovesaid JONES (JO-1) his heires forever.  And Further I John Griffin (JO-2) do oblige myselfe my heirs to warrant this my sale unto the sd JONES (JO-1) against claimes and this is my reall act & meaning and in performance whereof without fraud or intent of deceipt herein I have hereunto set my hand and placed my Seale this 22 day of September 1684

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of us

       Joseph Griffing (GR-3)                                                         John Griffin (GR-2)
       Tho: Harwar (HARW-1)
       Tho: Derrick (DE-1),  Francis Taliaferro (TA-3)

Rappa October 15th 1684, Then recorded"

An interesting name this "The Humble Servant".  I suspect Cadwallader Jones changed its name.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

CJ (#28) Court Days Continue 1685

The year 1685 continues in the (Old) Rappahannock County Court for our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).
On the 4th November it is recorded:

"Judgment upon Attachment is granted to John Battaile (BAT-1) as assignee of Richard Payne (PA-4) against William Stanly (STA-1) for one pound Sterling money due by Bill in the hands of Colnll. Cadwalladr: Jones (JO-1) to be pd wth cost of suit als exe." p.19

John Battaile (BAT-1) continues to be involved in life of the family.

On the same date is recorded:

"Judgment upon Attachment is granted to Doctr: Moses Hubartt (HUB-1) agst the Estate of Wm. Stanly (STA-1) in the hands of Colnll. Cadwaldr: Jones (JO-1) for Six hundred pounds of tobb & cask for his Phisicall means means administered, proven by the Oath of the sd Hubbart to be pd wth cost of suit als exe." p. 20

Cost of health care way back then...who would have guessed.

From (Old) Rappahannock County Virginia Order Book Abstracts 1685 - 1687, by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Ancient Press.