Thursday, February 9, 2012

CJ(7): The Same Day 1673

The last three posts have given the agreement which established a partnership between Henry Benson (BE-1) and our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1). This document is recorded in the Rappahannock Co. deed book 1672 - 1676, p. 263. It is an extensive agreement containing thirteen items. The land that they agreed to share is identified as "a tract of land lying being about the FALLS of RAPPA RIVER...". An abstract of this land is recorded in Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. II, 1666-1695, p. 139 and reads:

"HENRY BENSON(BE-1), 1071 acs. Rappa Co. on S. side the river in the freshes above the falls; beg. at Jno. Bowsee(BO-1); to Ewe tree Poynt by Mott's falling br., &c. 5 Nov 1673" He transport 22 individuals.

[Note: I believe that "Jno. Bowsee"(BO-1) should be Jno. Rouzee (Rouse). This is shown in various documents from the same time period and most likely represents difficulty in reading this document. Mott's falling branch is named after the Mott brothers, John(MO-1) and George (MO-2).

On the same page is the land of Cadwallader Jones(JO-1). It reads:

"CADWILL. (Cadwallader) JONES(JO-1), 1443 acs. on S. side & in the freshes of Rappa. Riv., adj. Warwick Camock (Cammock)(CO-1); 5 Nov 1673. 625 acs. granted Symon Miller(MI-1), who sould to sd. Jones; 818 acs. for trans of 17 pers:..". A witness to this is a Tho. Parker (PAR-1) who also had a land grant dated on the same day. It reads:

"THO. PARKER(PAR-1), 73 1/2 acs. Rappa. Co. in Sittingbourne Par. S. side the River, adj. Robt. Gaines; & Wm. Moseley, 5 Nov 1673."

The land of Simon Miller(MI-1-) is recorded on the same date and reads:

"SIMON MILLER(MI-1), 817 acs. Rappa. Co., in the freshes & on S. side the Riv., on the head of Pewananesse Cr. adj. Cadw. Jones(JO-1); lands of Talliafeero, Bucker, Prosser & Royston, 5 Nov 1673, p. 490. Transp. of 17 pers."

On the same day, at the same location, and land at the same geographic location; they must have had some relationship to each other. This type of information will often help connect families that share these factors. I call this "cluster analysis", meaning those families that share (cluster) around a historic date, event, or happening.

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