Sunday, January 26, 2014

CJ (#27) A Justice of The Peace 1685

On July 2nd, 1685, at a court held for Rappahannock County, "Colnll. Cadwall. Jones" (JO-1) appears as a justice for the peace.  It would seem that his social position had not suffered in this environment where he had been "High" sheriff, and had his bond recalled as a breach of his service.  He is listed with:

"Att a Court held for Rappa:County July ye 2d 1685, Present Colnll. Jno. Stone (ST-1), Lt. Colnll. Wm. Loyd (LO-1), Colnll. Cadwall. Jones (JO-1), Capt. Geo. Tayler (TAY-2)".  A large number of cases were handled on this day in court. [See (Old) Rappahannock County Order (1683-1685) p. 93 - 97.]

It is important to record that on the day before, July 1, a Katerine Jones is recorded (JO-8) as follows:

"Quietus est is granted to Katherine Jones (JO-8) from the Estate of her deced Husband Robt: Jones (JO-9) haveing by the accot: exhibited to this Court made it appeare that she hath paid the whole Estate as inventoried to the Creditors thereof"

This date records that a Katherine Jones (JO-8) was the widow of a Robert (Robt.) Jones (JO-9).  This Robert Jones (JO-9) has his own family story dealing with the Civil War period in England.  It has been discussed by many others that a "Katerine Jones (JO - ?) was the wife of our Cadwallader.  It is possible that it was this Katherine Jones (JO-8), who was actually the wife of Robert Jones (JO-9), that has been confused with this person.  More to come.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CJ (#26) June 1685

The summer of 1685 seems to have been a busy time for all those folks in (Old) Rappahannock County.  James II had just started his reign, and number of dramatic changes were about to take place.  On the 4th of June it is recorded:

"Whereas by the Sheriffs returne of an execution bearing date the 2d day of Aprill 1685, issued upon an Order of Aprill Court last past to Capt. Cadwaldr: Jones (JO-1), assignee of Colnll. Nicholas Spencer (SPE-1), Attorney of my Lord Culpeper (CU-1) againt the Estate of Majr. Henry Smith (SM-45) decd, for Eleven thousand pounds of tobb:& cask of the sd Order is leaveyed of the Estate aforesd. And Whereas the charge of the sd Order amounts to 404 lbs. of tobb:, It is there ordered that sd Execution formerly issued against the Estate aforesaid be continued in force and the remaining dues upon the sd Order of Court with cost be leaveyed by Virture of the same"

Here poor Cadwallader seems to listed as "Capt." [captain] instead of his usual title of "Colln."[colonel].  Later court dates will reinsert the title.  Again, our Cadwallader is listed as the "assignee" of Nicholas Spencer. (SPE-1)