Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CJ (#59) A Second Letter 1692 (1)

"A Second Letter to the said Collonel Phillip Ludwell, Governour of Carolina, being a Replication to his Answer to the first, to him Written, by the said Ashley (AS-1), Clasen (CLA-1), and Bukeley (BUL-1)."

"Right Honourable,

The 24th of the last Month (by Mr. Ireland (IR-1) we received yours, Dated the 27th of October, where in your Honour abounds in Expressions of Kindness and Condescention to us; and a compassionate Resentment of our Divisions and Discords, and the evil tendency thereof ; As also declaring your readiness to Engage your self to Promote and Accomplish a Reconciliation between us, in hopes whereof you express your self willing to undertake a Voyage hither ; for which Favours we want words to express our Humble gratitude.  By yours we are inform'd, your Honour hath received ours of the 16th of July, in which (as your Honour speaks) some things to a stranger may seem too passonate : But truly Sir, they do but seem so, for to any other then a stranger, we might say as David to his brother Eleabs is there not a Cause, and that not Personal or Private, but Publick and General, where is no less than the whole Interest of the Lords Proprietors, safety, and Tranquility of the people Inhabiting these their Lordships Territories is involved.  Your Honour saith that you have known our Governour several Years, and that he hath always past for a person of a Generous and good Nature, if he did, it was only as Counterfit Come, till it is discovered; or else he is strangely Debased ; For now, there does not appear in him one mark of true Generosity, nor so much as the Reliques thereof, but a Degenerate Ignoble Spirit, almost daily discover it self, in Speeches and Action Similar; whereof numerous Instances might be given.  You say you have received Complaints from his also, but neither he nor we have given the particulars of each other's Grievances."

Just the beginning it is...a very long letter continues...next post.