Monday, February 27, 2012

Summary I : First Two Years 1673-1675

Keeping a detailed chronology is important in genealogy. This is especially true if one is dealing with a historical period many years before your time. Careful documentation is also necessary to clarify many factors involed in this process. The following is a summary of the first two years of the life of Cadwallader Jones. (JO-1) [At least as determined by the historical records.] If anyone has additional documents or information please post.

Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) first appears on the pages of history January 6, 1673. He is identified as being in Old Rappahannock Co., Sittingbourn Parish, in the "Freshes" of Rappahannock River. Most likely he would have been at least 21 years of age [range 21-27]. See post written December 16, 2011, "Poor to Peerage: Becoming an Adult 1650 England". [The Brick Wall Protocol.] This means he would have been born around 1646-1652. His land was located on Peumansend Creek.

CJ(1): 6 Jan. 1673 (Old) Rappahannock Co., VA, "For Satisfaction" (Part I, Part II)
(Part III, Old Rappahanock Co.)

CJ(2): 2 July 1673 Sittingbourne Parish, Peumansend Creek, "Land Ho..."

CJ(3): 5 Nov. 1673 Freshes of Rappa. River, "In The Freshes".
[Others getting land at same date.]

CJ(4): Jan. 1674 "The Eare marke".

CJ(5): 27 Feb. 1674 Witness for Thornton "27th day of fber 1673".
[Discussion of "Gentleman 1673.]

CJ(6): 24 Dec. 1674, Articles of Agreement with Henry Benson(BE-1).
[Part 1-3].

CJ(7): [Reference back to 5 Nov. 1673] "The Same Day 1673".

CJ(8): 5 Feb. 1675, Well Beloved Friend.

Well, there you have it. The first two years of Cadwallader Jones.(JO-1) What might be expected of a young colonial man beginning to make his way in the frontier of Virginia.

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