Friday, April 28, 2017

CJ (#59) A Second Letter 1692 (6)

The forth issue:

"IV.  He gets a French Vessel, in which a parcel of Privateers had been Roveing and playing the Pirates, some parts whereof, he purchased of the Company (as was said) and most given him by the Company, yet (out of a Bravado) he gives out that she was taken by his Son, (being Captain of the Ship Jones came in from England ) as a Lawful Prize of War : So he erects a Court of Admiralty, for Tryal, and Condemnation of the said Ship, which being done, he Exposes her to Sale by Inch of Candle; and useth effectual means that she might not be bought out of their Hands ; so according to their design and desire, she was bought at a low rate, being 42l whereas she was wellworth 500l.  So that this Lumping peniworth might be their own, Two Thirds of the said Vessel, (as belonging to the Lord Proprietors and himself) was sold to his Son, and One Third he allowed him as a Reward for his Valour in taking her.  So the Lords are Robb'd off with 14l for their Interest in the said Vessel, whereof his said Son he made Commander.  I should proceed, but I find that such a Progresive Narrative, would Ingross too much time, and swell too big to be contained in a Letter.  I shall therefore send you some Papers, which (tho defective) will in some measure inable you to make a Judgment of him and his course and Actions.  The Papers I have sent you, are the 1st  2d. and 3d. Speeches of our King Solomon, (to his first Parliament) for to him, he hath Presumptuously compared himself, in all things (Riches excepted) wherein his great Wisdom, Piety, Eloquence, and Strength of Reasoning, doth Iminenty appear : You will also see how hansomly he Princes it, and how much he is of a Statesman, by his Skilfullness in reading Faces.  Your Honour will also see how earnest he is for Money, that he may resemble Soloman in Riches too; and by his Powerful Eloquence, Larded with a Hypocritical shew of Piety, he obtained a Second Tax of one Shilling a week for Thirteen weeks, to be Levied on every Inhabitant in the Government, and their working Servants and Slaves, and this pretended for carrying on the work of the Lord begun, that is the building and finishing the new Fort, on which, we do not know that one stroke of work hath been done in the manner wherein it was begun.  That Parliament finding that the Peoples money was not well laid out, made a Law, That whatsoever should be further done in the said Fort, should be by Advice of certain Persons nominted in the said Law ; but, rather than Act by Advice and Council, he chose to do nothing to the Fort, but get the money into his own Hands, raised for that end, by the Assembly.  But of late, of his own head (not only without, but against the Advice of the Council) he hath begun to Build a thing, more like a Cow-pen, than a Fort : whereon he hath spent much time, and (as we expect to find) much Money."

Lots of issue at play here.  Most significant for my own Jones tree climbing, this section of the letter clearly identifies that a "son" was present.  Prior to this document, most genealogist I read assumed that Cadwallader (JO-1) had no children.