Monday, December 17, 2012

CJ (#16) Mount Paradise

The year 1682 was filled with lots of events surrounding the life of  Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  A letter is recorded in "America and West Indies", Vol. 11, 1681-1685 dated February 6, 1682.  It is listed as being written from "Mount Paradise Virginia".  It appears on page 198, item # 397 :

"Mr. C. Jones to Lord Baltimore.  This is to ask you for a permit for trade at Nanticoke only for Roanoke and Peake, if there be any commodity prohibited by your laws.  I have an inland trade about four hundred miles from here S.S.W.  This year the Indians will leave Roanoke, and I have a considerable trade with them.  Through it I learned six weeks since of the motion of the Seneca Indians about three hundred miles S.S.W. from here.  They took from an Indian town thirty-five prisoners and four or five from several small towns under the mountains near five hundred miles [from hence].  They have so oppressed the Indians that they have made no corn this year; they are now in a full body returning home.  By reckoning they may be now in your country on their return "when the turkeys gobble", by the information of those that were here.  I expect to hear from the priest, and will forward any further news.  Not long since I was at Mr. Heale's and heard of your coming to Notley Hall.  He gave me to understand that you would take it kindly if I watched the action of Mr. Fendall, which I have since made it my business to do.  He converses with no gentry, for they would condemn one so arrogant as a man to be watched in all his motions.  Mens' actions are so carefully inspected here that you need fear no mischief from Fendall in your country.  Your grant of a permit to trade would be an act of charity."   [copy. 1 p. On the page within, A secod note from the same to the same dated 3rd March 1682.] "On the other side is a copy of a letter which I was promised should be delivered, but you being not at Notely Hall it was returned.  Pray empower the bearer Thomas Ousley, to trade for me.  Signed Cadwallader Jones."

Holograph. 1/2 p. Endorsed, "Letter concerning Virginia" Reed. from my Lord Baltimore." [Col. Papers, Vol. XLVIII., No. 22]

Wow..."Mount Paradise"...I wonder.  There is much to be gained from exploring the content of this letter.

Friday, December 7, 2012

CJ (#15) It Descended

A patent is recorded on the 20th of April 1682 which indicates that our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) had inherited other lands from his father Richard Jones (JO-5).  The land was located in Gloster Co., Abbington Parish, upon the Yorke River. (Had been Charles River before Charles lost his head.)
It reads:

"Thomas Boswell(BOS-1), 1100 acs., Gloster Co., Abbinton Par., upon Yorke River side & Timber Neck Cr., 20 Apr. 1682.  Beg. at mouth of sd. Cr ; to 100 acs sold to Mr. Booker; includ. all the islands to sd. Creek's mouth. 1000 acs. granted Richd. Richards (RI-1) 2 Aug. 1645, & descended to Hugh Richards (RI-2), who assigned to Thomas Wilson (WI-1) & Richard Jones (JO-5); by Wilson (WI-1) assigned to sd. Jones (JO-5), from whom it descended to Cadwallader Jones (JO-1), who conveyed to sd. Boswell (BOS-1), 19 Mar. 1679; 100 acs., being overplus, due for trans. of 2 pers: Wm. Morton (MOR-1), Joseph Tompson (TO-1)."

This patent indicates that Cadwallader (JO-1) had inherited this l000 acres and conveyed it to Thomas Boswell (BOS-1) early in 1679.  Much was happening in the life of Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  The surnames contained in this patent, i.e., "Richards" and "Wilson" prove important in connecting the genealogy "dots" surrounding the life of Richard Jones (JO-5).

The reference is found: Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. II, p.238.