Thursday, January 26, 2012

CJ(6): Articles of Agreement 1674 (Part 2)

This post continues the business contract between Cadwallader JONES (JO-1) and Henry Benson (BE-1). It would appear that item "eight" is accounted in item "seven" because the record continues as written listing the next item as "Ninth". The record continues:

"Ninth: CAD:JONES (JO-1) doe oblige myself my heirs due unto Henry Benson (BE-1)for the one moiety of land and further I CAD:JONES (JO-1) doe agree to be understood that by reason we are Copartners that he the said Benson (BE-1) shall occasion for allwayes the prmises bonafide be paid in Goods as they cost wheresoever purchased by me or my Order on money of England as he the said Benson (BE-1) shall think fit.

Tenth: Now Know yee that I HENRY BENSON (BE-1) doe bind myelf to sell unto CAD JONES (JO-1) during our lives all the pduce of my share of my crops of tobacco from yeare to yeare at the rate of fourteene shillings a hundred to be paid me here in goods running no Adventure as they cost in England or in money in England wch I will and withall I do oblige myselfe to ordere my Tobacco as I shall have instructions from the said JONES (JO-1) or his Attorney and also I do oblige myself to plant no other Tobacco upon the said land but sweet scented and I HENRY BENSON (BE-1) doe yet agree to give Mr. JONES (JO-1) or his Attorney an Envry every year of what particular good I shall have occasion for and the over plus to lye still in my partner JONES (JO-1) or his Attorney for that crops produce but to stay till the next and then to be paid for both together.

Eleventh: The said JONES (JO-1) doe agree to pay the said BENSON (BE-1) Fourteene shillings a hundred for is part of the Crop pvided the particulars in the Fourth article be performed.

Twelvth: It is agreed by me HENRY BENSON (BE-1) that what hoggs horses or mares cattle shall make sale of I doe give a just account of the whole to Mr. JONES (JO-1) or his Attorney and the pduce to be equally divided between us."

Wow! Such a detailed document written so long ago. Still more to come!

Transcribed in Rappahannock Co. deed book 1672-1676, by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, VA, pp. 49-51. Original document recorded in the Rappahannock Co. deed book 1672-1676, p. 263.

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