Saturday, December 17, 2011

CJ (4): "The Eare marke"

It was strategically important that a food supply be established for the early settlers along Rappahannock River. [Wal-Mart not invented yet!] Cattle seemed to be one major source. Almost every planter, even the poorest, was possessed of cattle. According to Wertebaker in his book titled "The Planter of Colonial Virginia, in 1649 there were more than twenty thousand cattle "...of Kine, Oxen, Bulls, Claves...". He states that within the next 15 years, this had increased to more than 100,000! Meat for the table indeed. Milk, butter, and cheese would add to the diet.

To keep all these animals identified [and the owners happy], each planter registered a "eare marke" in his local courthouse. Around January 1674, Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) registered his mark:

"The Eare marke of Mr. Cadwalader Jones (JO-1) is two cropps & an over keele on the right eare and an under keeele on the left".

So, after establishing his plantation along Peumansend Creek, he registered his "brand" for his cattle.

Document found: (Old) Rappahannock Co. Deed Book 1672 - 1676, p. 166. It is found in the copy recorded by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, p. 86.

Wertenbaker, T.J., The Planters of Colonial Virginia, Princeton University Press, London, 1922. p. 101

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CJ (3): 5 Nov 1673

Dates are the anchor points along many of the family tree branches. Often, selecting the most secure (accurate or well documented) date will give a starting time for your analysis. Those who share this same date in history will often be related to the family you are researching. In my own family, 5 Nov 1673 is such a date. There are several others who share this date, and ultimately prove to be part of the family tree. Understanding this concept will many times help in putting many of the family pieces together. Those who share this date in history with our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) are listed in order of their analysis by Nugent (Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. II, pp.138-139.)

"SIMON MILLER (ML-1), 817 acs. Rappa. Co., in the freshes & on S. side the Riv., on the head of Pewamanesee Cr., adj. Cadw. Jones (JO-1); lands of Talliaferro, Buckner, Prosser & Royston;....."

"JNO. BURTON (BU-1) & JNO. AUSTINE (Austin) (AU-1), 2172 acs., Rappa. Co., S. side the Riv., in the freshes, about 4 mi. back in the woods; adj. Jno. Bowsey (BO-1); & by a br. of Nusaponnocks, &c......"

HENRY BENSON (BE-1); 1071 acs., Rappa Co., on S. side the river in the freshes above the falls; beg. at Jno. Bowzee (BO-1); to Ewe tree Poynt by Mott's falling br. &c..."

"JOHN BOWSEY (BO-1), 1465 acs. Rappa. Co., S. side & in the freshes of sd. Riv., on the head of Nussaponake Cr...."

"SAME (would be John Bowsey listed above this entry), 1668 acs., in the freshes & on S. side of Rappa. Riv., opposite the falls; adj. Capt. Laurence Smith (SM-2) in the line of Capt. Hawkins; land of sd. Smith & Anthony Buckner(BUC-1) &c...."

"CADWILL (Cadwallader ?) JONES (JO-1), 1445 acs. on S. side ....etc. given in last post..

All the land is located on the south side of Rappahannock River. Some directed connected to the lands of Cadwallader, and the other nearby. A foundation which can be used to build a family tree!