Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CJ (12) Colonial Papers 1677

The British government attempted to evaluate the Virginia colony following the period of Bacon's Rebellion.  The department called "America and West Indies" handled the paper work that arrived from the colony.  These are summarized and available for research with the following documentation:

Dated, "1677 March."

"   118. Grievances of the Inhabitants of the upper parts of Citternborn parish in the county of Rappahanock, presented and signed by Cadwalladen Jones and John Bowsie, to His Majesty's Commissioners for Virginia.  Under fourteen heads.  Concerning the Indian War; the levies of 1674, and 1675, and how disposed of; the impost upon tobacco; the Militia who should not sit in the Courts of Judicature; the approach of the Indians; a supply of arms, and ammunition. Also, The Answers of the Commissioners to the same.  Two papers. 6 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXIX., Nos. 62, 63; also Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXI., pp. 300-302.]"

The above is copies from Vol. 10, 1677-1680, America and West Indies, p.45.  It gives the location of the primary documents that be researched.  Documentation is available for the genealogist.  Please note that it is here that John Rouzee (Rouse, Rowzee, Rowsey, Rowse) is recorded as "John Bowsie".  This error is not corrected by many genealogist.

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