Monday, July 23, 2012

CJ (12) : X Marks The Spots

Keeping active was not a problem for Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  His conflict with Maryland involved several court records outlined as follows:

Samuel Leadbeater vs Cadwallader Jones, In Chancery Proceedings, Provincial Court, Vol. 67, p.140,1677
Robert Ridgley vs Cadwallader Jones, St. Maryes Co., Mtchant, Vol. 67, p.225, 1678
Robert Carville vs Cadwallader Jones, Proceedings Provincil Ct., MD, Vol.67, p.261,1678
Robert Ridgley vs Cadwallader Jones, 133 lbs tobacco, Proceedings of Provincial Court, Vol. 67,
        p.446,1678 ["...plea of trespas..."]
Robert Carville vs Cadwallader Jones, 2133 lbs tobacco, Vol.67, p. 445, 1678.

The map above outlines the geographic locations of the activities of Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) during this time period.  The "green" X's mark the spots!

#1) = His 1443 acres on Pumansend Creek [ "My House"] 1673.

#2) = His 1000 acres as partner to Henry Benson.(BE-1) 1674 at the falls.

#3) = His 14,114 acres with David Jones (JO-2) 1677.

#4) = His merchant activities 1677 - 1678 St. Marys, Maryland.  Across the Potomac.

What was to become the major road ways during the colonial period is the location of Cadwallader's business plan.   Strategic delivery points along the way which Cadwallader had already figured out.  Get there first, and try to control the access points.  Little did he know what was yet to happen.

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