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CJ (13) Die 19th June 1680

The years immediately following Bacon's Rebellion were certainly difficult for those left to put together all the pieces.  Each county organized a set of "Public Officers" and arranged for a series of garrisons (forts or posts) to be established along the frontier.   Rappahannock garrison was located at the falls of the Rappahannock, and none other than our Cadwallader place in command.  I suspect this was located near the land already settled by Henry Benson and his partner Cadwallader.

A listing of the public officers for Stafford Co., 1680 [under military] gave:

Coll. George Mason
Lt. Coll. Cadwalader Jones
Maj'r Andrew Gilson
Capt. Rob't Massey.  [VA Historical Mag, Vol. I, p.251]

In June 1680, the Virginia Council journals record that:

"The houfe mett and called ourer...

     "The Petition of Coll.Cadwallader Jones for releife read in the houfe".

This petition read:

"The Sufferings of the Petitioner are most apparent and his resoluteness to abide his plantation ag't all attempts and conspiracies of our Indian enemies for many years hath (as may well be supposed) maintained us in the seatment of the upper part of Rappahannock for many miles."
[Legislative Journals of the Council i, 3 ]

The petition was called to "Queftion.  Shall Coll. Cadwallader Jones haue releife vpon his petition from the Countrey or not."

    "Refolu'd in the Negatiue by plurality of Voyces."

The plurality of voices spoke...what a deal for our Cadwallader Jones.

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