Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CJ(13) Extraordinary Services

If at first you don't succeed; try, try, again...or so it goes.  The case of Cadwallader Jones is taken up again according to the legislative journals of the council of Virginia.  At "Poft Merid.", "The houfe Mett & called Ouer".  It was July 3, 1680 and the record states:

"The cafe of Mr Cadwallader Jones is diftinguifhable from others by the good & Extraordinary Services he hath done and therefore hope the houfe of Burgeffes will confider him another time." [p.141, July 3, 1680]

The results of this request is not immediately recorded.  According to Bruce [Institutional History of Virginia, Vol.II, p.106] a story is reported concerning Cadwallader Jones September 1680.  Bruce describes it as "A remarkable scene..." which occurs at Rappahannock fort.  The response to a letter sent to "Major Robert Beverly" by "Capt. Cadwalader Jones" caused quite a stir. [Here Bruce fails to recognize his own earlier writings listing Cadwalader as "...deputy-commanders or the lieut.-colonels..." p.24, Vol.II.]  The letter's content (reply) "...must have been very offensive, for Jones first gave directions that it should be read before the assembled garrison...".  Next Bruce records Cadwallader, "...caused a fire to be made in full view of the soldiers, now drawn up before him.."; and stated,  "...that he valued the writer of that missive, and also the Governor himself, no more than he did the letter itself.."  Cadwallader is then reported "...with an air of great scorn and contempt threw it into the flames,...".  As a final blow, Cadwallader then "...seizing a stout stick, beat Peter Russell, the corporal who had carried Jones's letter to Beverley and brought back Beverley's answer, until he was black and blue in divers places...". [Vol. II, p.106]

Bruce draws his own conclusions regarding this episode in the life of our Cadwallader Jones. [See pp.106-107, Vol. II]  I suspect these actions were in response to the Burgess's second vote, for his extraordinary services.

[I have not been able to find a record of this second vote, but I would wager that it was taken before this September visit, 1680]

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