Thursday, July 5, 2012

CJ(11) : Logistics of the Mind

The new land that Cadwallader Jones(JO-1) had surveyed in 1677 is described as being "...upon both sides of Accotynk & Pohick Rivers...". [CP II, p. 191]  It is also described as being "...upon Mr. Normansell's land".  It would seem that this patent is one of Cadwallader's plans to get to the new territories and establish settlements along an "Indian Path".   This would provide contact with traders along the major trade paths in existence at this time in 1677. 

The following figure is my attempt to outline this area which became known as Mason's Neck.   Accotynk (Accotink) and Pohick (Poheck) creeks are shown.  The Potomac River is along the eastern boarder.[North being to the top.]  The settlement of Colchester develops later, but becomes the center of this settlement area.  The "Indian Path" is roughly outlined, to give a sense of the roadways which were to develop along the coastal settlements.  It is called Stafford Co. in this patent of 1677.

The land area (14,114 acres) would be roughly 20 square mile along both sides of these creeks.  I suspect that this was between these creeks extending some 5-6 miles up both waterways.  A drawing will often help understand the logistics of the mind for those ancestors who lived so long ago.

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