Friday, July 13, 2012

CJ (12) : His Bailywick 1677

A finger in every pie is often said about one who is extremely active.  For the years 1676 - 1677, Cadwallader was such a person. [Probably had his fingers in a few cakes as well.]  His world was facing many challenges, and he was part of most.  Not only had he purchased his own land, gone into business with Henry Benson (BE-1), defended the government in Bacon's Rebellion, defended his home and settlement  from Indian attack, became part of the military establishment, and wrote a number of grievances, he had also started a business across the Potomac River in Maryland.

In 1677, the Archives of Maryland records in Chancery, October 6th, the following:

"Cadwallader Jones & Samuel Leadbeater, all papers relateing to this cause were delivered to the Chancellour by Order of this Thomas Carlisle & Court."

In Provincial Court Proceedings, 1677/78:

"Robert Carville Comand was given to the Sheriffe of St. Maryes agt. County that he Attach any the Goods or Chat in his bailywick to the Value of two thousand one hundred thirty three pounds of tobacco, & the same so Attached in his custody to keep untill the said Cadwallader Jones should by himselfe or his Attorney appeare here the Eleventh day of June in the third yeare of his Lordpps Dominion &c Annoaj Doni 1676. to answer unto Robert Carvile gentl in a plea of trespas upon the case..."

So Cadwallader was in hot water in Maryland.

From: Maryland State Archives, Proceedings of the Provincial Court, 1677-1678, Vol. 67, p.445.

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