Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Numbering System

It will now be necessary to describe the numbering system that will be used in the posts. I have struggled, over the years, with finding or utilizing a helpful numbering system which can be used in genealogical research. This is necessary, in my case, since there are so many different individuals involved in the life of Cadwallader Jones, with many having the same or similar family names. In order to carefully document each individual referenced in each post, I have chosen the following method. As a person is identified in an item (document), he/she will be assigned a number. This number will be written by taking the first two (2) letters of the last name and adding a number, beginning with the number one (1). If the person being identified already has his matching first two letters of the alphabet with someone already listed, then the next letter of that person's name will be added. For example, say there has been a John Jones who appears as a witness on one deed. If this is the first John Jones to be recorded, he would be assigned the number JO-1. Now lets say that on the next deed, there is a John Johnson. Since the first two letters of the last name are the same JO, it well be necessary to separate these two individuals. Thus, John Johnson would be given the number JOH-1. The second John Jones encountered would be given the number JO-2, etc. [If you can not clearly show that this is the first John Jones.] Hopefully, this numbering method will provide the reader and future researcher a way by which to separate these folks, and to keep track of their movement and relationship during the life span of Cadwallader Jones, my heart's blood.

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