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CJ(2): Land Ho...

The first land transaction that Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) participated is given as item #2. It is dated the 2nd of July 1673. The document is recorded in (Old) Rappahannock Deed Book 1672-1673, PART I, pp. 62-63. It reads:

" July 73 TO ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE to whom these presents shall come I SIMON MILLER (ML-1) of Sittingbourne Parish in the County of Rappa Boatwright send Greeting. Now know yee that I the said SIMON MILLER (ML-1) for the sume of forty pounds sterling and a Man Servant in hand paid and delivered unto me by CADWALADER JONES (JO-1) Gent of the County and Parish aforesaid of every part and parcell thereof I do hereby discharge him have granted and confirmed unto CADWALADER JONES (JO-1) aforesaid his heirs or assignes forever six hundred and five acre of land lying and being in the County and Parish aforesaid and upon the main run of PENMANSIND beginning at a marked Beech in a branch and a corner tree of the Uppper end of Mr. CAMMOCK'S (CA-1) land and runing from thence South to a corner marked Poplar of Mr. CAMMOCK'S (CA-1) line from thence West to a Pocickery in Branch at the dividing of the Swamp and from thence East to the first mentioned Beech To have and hold all the aforesaide demized premises with all privileges thereunto in as ample manner as was granted by our Sovereigne Lord the King by Pattent to the First Proprietors without the molestation of the said SIMON MILLER(ML-1) or any person claiming under him & futher the aforesaid SIMON MILLER (ML-1) doth hereby agree that he and his Wife will upon reasonable request or their attornies for them make acknowledgement of this Sale in the County Court of Rappa that it may be recored according the usual forme in the like cases Witness my hand and seale this second of July 1673 in presence of us"



Recognitr in Cum Com Rappa 2d die July 1673

Reference: Old Rappahannock County Deed Abstracts 1672-1676 (Part I). Ruth and Sam Sparacio (eds.), The Ancient Press, McLean, VA, 1989.

The first land recorded is 605 acres along "Penmansind" creek. It gives a great deal of information and detail regarding the location along the "main run". It would seem that Cadwallader (JO-1) would be the second owner of this property since Simon Miller(ML-1) seems to indicate that he was the first owner. Simon(ML-1) identifies himself as a "Boatwright" which was certainly needed along the highways (water). A number of additional individuals are listed which in time all play a role in the life of Cadwallader Jones (JO-1). Land ho...!

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