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CJ(1): For Satisfaction

The first primary document that I could uncover on Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) is found in the records of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. This primary document is copied from (Old) Rappahannock County Deed Book 1672-1676. Part II, p.42, transcribed by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, The Ancient Press, 1990. The numbering system begins here, and the (brackets) are not in the original documents. It reads:

"Whereas HENRY CORBIN Esqr. (CO-1) My Husband did by Deed bearing date September 21st 1672 or thereabouts sell and convey to Mr. ROBERT TALIAFERRO (TA-1) and to his heirs forever a certain parcell of land as is recited in Rappa County Court but noe acknowledgement or Release of my Right of Dower Now Know yee that for satisfaction received of Mr. CADWALADER JONES (JO-1) I doe by these presents freely voluntarily and willingly constitute and appoint Mr. WILLIAM TRAVERS (TR-1) my lawful attorney to acknowledge in Court my free consent to the sale of the said Land and that I doe acquit and release all my right of Dower in the said land forever as witness my hand and seale this 6th day of January 1672."


Recognitr in Cu Comr Rappa 4 die 9bris 1674

[Please note that not all the words are spelled the same as we do today. I have tried to copy the document as close to the original as recorded by those who initially wrote the document. Also note that in the context of this document, the date 6th day of January 1672 would be in the "old calendar" system and thus makes the date actually 6th of January 1673. A discussion of the calendar year is presented in Foundations of Colonial America, A Documentary History, Vol. I, Part I, viii, Northeastern Colonies. ed. Keith Kavenagh, Chelsia House, NY, 1983]

This begins our story of Cadwallader Jones (JO-1). He is found in Old Rappahannock County records involved in giving "satisfaction" to the wife of Henry Corbin (CO-1). In legal terms, giving "satisfaction" meant compensating the person for whom the action is recorded. This record does not give the actual "satisfaction" conveyed, but it could have been tobacco (the most common form of barter or exchange), money, property (in many cases slaves), or other items. This action involved the sale of land from Henry Corbin (CO-1) to Robert Taliaferro (TA-1) during the year 1672. The land would have been part of the estate of the wife Alice Corbin (CO-2) since she is documenting that she would make no claim to this land by right of her Dower. [A dower is the part or interest of a deceased man's real estate allotted by law to his widow for her lifetime.] This claim would be against Robert Taliaferro (TA-1), if the wife were to proceed against the new owner of the land for her dower, as given under Virginia law. However, it is Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) who provides the appropriate interchange with Alice Corbin (CO-2).

The story begins....

[I have labeled this post CJ(1) to identify the first item/document. Future post will give historical or social factors that are associated with this document, and will be tagged as CJ(1) or CJ(#). As a new item is presented, it will be labeled CJ (2)...CJ(3)...etc.]

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