Monday, April 22, 2013

CJ (#20) Odds and Ends : Several Dates

Several dates are recorded surrounding the next document.  It is the will of Symon Miller (MI-1) who appears to have written this will the 16th of February 1679.  On the 7th day of May 1683, a Francis Thornton (TH-2) and a James Taylor (TAY-1) testify that they were a witness to the writing of this will.  It is then recorded on the same day by William Colston (COLS-1) as clerk of court for (Old) Rappahannock County Will Book 1682-1687.  In this will, Symon Miller gives the following:

"Item  I give unto my Daughter, Susanna Miller (MI-2), Fouwer hundred eight acres & a halfe of land being the halfe devidend of land adjoyning to Col. Col. Cadwalldr. Jones (JO-1) on the head of Pumans Inn to her and her heires forevr."

The land on Peumansend Creek it is. [Note multiple spellings are recorded.]  This again gives the location of the first land of our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) discussed in CJ(#3).  Symon Miller (MI-1) has a number of children, and a great deal of information is giving in his will.  It is recorded (Old) Rappahannock County Will Book 1682-1687, p. 13-14 in the abstracts by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Ancient Press. [RK.WB-12/90]  The land of Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) is to be found in several other wills and deeds, thus being used as a landmark to this geographic location.

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