Friday, April 5, 2013

CJ (#17) All The Papers

Business and trade were major activities of those surrounding our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) during the year 1684.  A letter dated June 10, 1684 written by William Fitzhugh (FI-1) to "Ralph Wormley, Esq." (WOR-3) contains the following:

"Hon'rd Sir,  Herewith comes accompany'd all your Papers a letter with State of your case drawn by Mr.Brent; the contents I have not seen till I had view of your papers;.....I have not had the happiness of seeing or discoursing Mr. Brent since his coming from Town but just half an hour as he came up, his business constantly calling him abroad....Be sure if possible to get copys of those I advised, as the Commission's &c to send with the rest your papers.  Sr. My last for a sudden dispatch away (being hastened by Collo Jones as you may see p his writing to help forward will not suffer me to add any more, save to wish this successful to you..."

This letter identifies several additional folks that would serve to help unravel the family tree some generations before.  "Mr. Brent" was a key (Catholic) fellow who played an important part in the settlement of Maryland, as well as Virginia.  "Ralph Wormely, Esq." was the son of Ralph Wormely, Sr. who was a key player in the government of early Virginia and the establishment of many Cavalier families to Virginia.  William Fitzhugh continues his business connections with Cadwallader who seems to have control of a great deal of the activities of this time period 1684.

A discussion of these letters can be found in Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. I, 1894 p. 253-254.

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