Monday, January 2, 2012

CJ(5): "27th day of fber 1673"

On the "27 day of fber 1673" [Would be February 1674], Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) appears as a witness on a deed of William Thornton (TH-1). It is recorded on p. 181 of the deed books, and transcribed on p. 4 of (Old) Rappahannock County Deed Book 1672-1676, Part II, by the Sparacios. It reads:

"Know All Men by these presents that I WILLIAM THORNTON(TH-1) of the County of Gloster doe hereby appoint and make my well beloved Friend James Kay (KA-1) of the County of Rappa my true and lawfull Attorney for me to my use to receive an acknowledgement of a sale of Two thousand acres of land sold to me by Mr. JOHN(MO-1) and GEORGE MOTT(MO-2) and I do hereby declare and hold whatsoever my Attorney shall doe in the same premises to be valid in Law as if I myselfe had bin personally present & done the same. Witness my hand & seale the 27th day of fber 1673. Test. CADWALADER JONES (JO-1), ABRA. HUNTER.(HU-1)

Recognitr in Cu Com Rappa 7 die March 1673/4"

John Mott (MO-1) and George Mott (MO-2) were brothers who had a number of contacts with Cadwallader Jones (JO-1). The THORNTON family plays a significant role in the life of Cadwallader. William Thornton (TH-1) is identified as being from "Gloster" [Gloucester] County. This county also plays a significant role in the life and family of our Cadwallader. The Mott brothers had land above Cadwallader in what would become Spotsylvania.

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