Thursday, January 7, 2016

CJ (#50) A Letter

From the Executive Journals, Council of Colonial Virginia [p. 258] comes the following record dated "July 5 1692":

"His Honor the Lieut Govr having reced Information in a Letter from Coll Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) that a Vessell with two hundred Men was fitted out of Peteete Gwavoes [Petit Goaves, in San Domingo] bound to our Bay, and an account by Letters from New Yorke that some Vessells have been taken off Block Island, caused the said Letters to be read and on Consideration thereof His Honor the Lieut Govr is requested to advise Capt Isaac Townsend (TO-12) Comandr of their Mas Ship Assureance and Comodore of the Fleete of the same, that he may provide himselfe and take such Care of the Fleete under his Convoy, as he shall Judge Necessary for their Mas Service;..."

On a international level, trouble was always brewing among the major players trying to keep their claims in the colonial settlements.  [A period in English history called "The Glorious Revolution" where William of Orange became the Protestant ruler in place of Catholic James II] Upon the accession of William, an eight-year "War of the League of Augsburg" began (known in America as "King William's War").  A good discussion of this period can be found in Colonial Virginia, by Richard L. Morton in his chapter titled "The Glorious Revolution of 1688", Vol. 1, pp. 330 - 341.  This war involved Dutch (New York), and England (colonies) [the Protestants] against Louis XIV of France and James II in exile [the Catholics].  In 1692, our Cadwallader (JO-1) was in the middle!

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