Friday, December 18, 2015

CJ(#49) A Witness

Very few primary documents exist during this period of Cadwallader's (JO-1) history as governor of the Bahama Islands.  One document can be found in the records of South Carolina.  Cover sheet shown:

It is dated "5 Oct. 1691", and is the will of a Joseph Barker (BARK-1).  It reads:

"Joseph Barker (BARK-1), Island of New Providence, merchant, bound on a voyage to New England.  Wife: Hannah (BARK-2), all estate.  Exors: wife, with assistance of Capt. Richard Holloway.(HOL-1)  Wit: Cadwallader Jones (JO-1), Gilbert Ashly (AS-1), Thomas Bulkley (BUL-1).
D: 5 Oct. 1691."

It was common practice that an individual traveling by ship made his will. [Makes some statement about the safety issues.]  Here, a merchant of the "New Providence" [Bahama Island : the terms used varied depending on who was writing the documents and who they believed actually had the rights to these islands.]  Was planning a trip to "New England". [Most likely the Boston area.]  Perhaps he was trying to establish trade with this area.  This document shows that our Cadwallader (JO-1) and Thomas Bulkley (BUL-1) were both serving together as a witness of this will dated Oct. 1691.  It also shows that there were "merchants" actively involved in trade along the colonial coast as far north as "New England".

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