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CJ (#37) Former Guardian 1687

There were additional court orders recorded in the (Old) Rappahannock County Orders 1685 - 1687.  There are recorded on page 83, and dated the 1st of June 1687. 

"Whereas John Battalile (BAT-1) who lately marryed Cathereine (TA-6), one of the Daughters of Mr. Robert Taliaferro ( TA-2) decd. made humble suit to this court to be possessed with all & singular the Estate of his said Wife in the hands of Robt. Taliaferro (TA-1) her guardian.  The Court have thereupon ordered that Mr. George Haslewood (HAS-2) & Mr. Jno. Catlett (CA-4) some time between this Court and next Court held for this County, do meet at the house of the sd Robt. Taliaferro (TA-1) & that then & there they equally devide all & every the Estate of the sd Catherine (TA-6) & Charles Taliaferro (TA-5), her brother, now in the hands of the sd Robert (TA-1), and after such devision made & after such that the sd John Battaile (BAT-1) be forthwith vested in right of the sd Catherine (TA-6) his wife with one halfe part of the sd Estate in specis as it was received by the sd Robert (TA-1) from Colnll. Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) their former guardian"

" Judgmt. upon (nil dicit) is granted to John Taliaferro (TA-4) as assignee of Colnll. Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) against Abraham Hobbs (HOB-1) for four hundred pounds of tobb upon Bill to be paid wth cost of suit"

The above orders are recorded on the same day or June 1, 1687.  This record again documents that our Cadwallader (JO-1) was a former guardian of the youngest children of Robert Taliaferro, Sr. (TA-2).  Robert Taliaferro, Jr. (TA-1) was then appointed as guardian of his younger siblings before 1687.  The fact that there are two families (Taliaferro and Catlett) that have a Sr. & Jr. with the same names need to separated and identified.  Whew...what a deal!

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