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CJ (#37) Sold and Delivered

You certainly can see how confusing it can get climbing those family tree branches.  The life of our Cadwallader (JO-1) is such a branch.  This document is found in (Old) Rappahannock County Deed Book 1686 - 1688, p. 68.  It is recorded as "March the 8th 1687" and it seems to be signed on this date.  It is recorded in the court records on "3 die August 1687 et record 12th die".  There is an addendum dated "8ber 20th 1686" which was recorded "3 die August 1687 et record 12th die" and a "two Bills of Sale" dated "July the 5th 1687" which in the record states "Recordr. Cur Com Rappa: 12th die August 1687".  Well, anyway, let me give the documents as written.   Remember that our Cadwallader (JO-1) is reported to have left for Maryland around the 17th of January 1687. [see last post]

"March the 8th 1687"

"An Account of Goods and Chattles sold and delivered unto Mr. Robt. Taliaferro (TA-1) as Gardian of Charles (TA-5) and Catharine Taliaferro (TA-6) for the Orphans Estate amount to ninety eight pounds seven Shillings and four pence (vizt) To one Negro called Frank, To one Indian, To one Negro girle 12 months old, To 2 old Negroes Frank and James; To 3 indifferent feather beds and furniture; To 10 cows, To 2 two yeare old at 12 S., To 5 yearlings, To 20 sheep, To 50 lb. Pewter at 8d., To 1 pair Cart wheels, To 1 iron pott and two pare pott hooks, To Brass kettle, To one Couch, To 12 old chairs, To one old Mare, To one old horse, Total 98...07...04."  [This would be in pounds, shillings, and pence.]

The documents continues:

"Know All Men by these presents that I Lt. Coll: Cadwalader Jones (JO-1) have bargained sold and delivered unto Mr. Robt: Taliaferro (TA-1) his heires and assignes the abovesd goods and chattles with their Encrease wch: said goods and chattles I do warrnt from the claimes of any persons unto the sd Mr. Robt. Taliaferro or his order  In witness whereof I have sett my hand this 8th of March 1686/7

Teste  John Taliaferro (TA-4)                                               Cadwalader Jones (JO-1)
           Jno. Battaile (BAT-1)

More to come.  Please note that the Robert Taliaferro (TA-1) recorded here is the son of Robert Taliaferro (TA-2) that has been recorded in previous post.
Recognitr in Cour Com Pappa: 3 die August 1687 et record 12th die"

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