Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CJ (#25) Court Days 1685/6

The will abstract book of Old Rappahannock County continues the records of our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  Mrs. Margery Reynolds (REY-1) as executor of the will of her husband Mr. Cornelius Reynolds (REY-2) is recorded :

"Imprimis To Tobb. paid the Honble Colnll. Nicholas Spencer (SPE-1); paid Mr. Nicholas Weare (WE-1), Colnll. Jones (JO-1) on the Acct. of Mr. Dunbar (DU-1); paid Edmond George (GE-1), pd for Leveys; pd Colnll. Jones (JO-1) on the acct. of Seabright; pd. Mr. Edward Thomas (THO-2) on the cct. of Seabright; pd. Colnll: Fitzhugh (FI-1); pd. Joseph Beckley (BEC-1), pd. Simon Tomasin (TOMA-1), Capt. Cooper, Mr. Moore; To 1050 lb. of Tobb: wch; must be taken out of the Estate of Mr. Cornelius Reynolds (REY-2) deced and belonging to the Orphans of Capt. Thomas Williams (WI-4)

     Oath made before me to the Payment of the here specifyed    Anthony Savage (SA-1)

      Recordt. 9 die February 1685/6"

This would appear that the estate of Cornelius Reynolds (REY-2) had to pay a number of folks using the going bases of exchange, tobacco.  I suspect that Cadwallader (JO-1) was involved as "high sheriff" during this period.

Reference is taken from (Old) Rappahannock County Will Book 1682 - 1687, p. 70.

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