Saturday, January 19, 2013

CJ (#17) William Fitzhugh

The year 1682 was a very busy one for our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  He had a number of contacts with individuals that were to play a large part in his story.  One such individuals was William Fitzhugh. (FI-1)  He was in contact with Cadwallader (JO-1) during and after this difficult period in Virginia's history.  He first mentions this contact in a letter to  Ralph Wormeley (WOR-3) dated August 2nd, 1682.  It reads:

"Hon'rd Sir
      This messenger's haste will not admit me to copy out that Breviate for your Perusal which  I promis'd you and therefor shall take the first conveniency by some of Coll Jones his men which will not be long, first for contriving you that, together with the most material of your other papers...."

It would appear that men from the garrison of Rappahannock served as couriers between the folks in the area and those of the central government.  It is the first of several letters that record information about our Cadwallader (JO-1).   Any of William Fitzhugh communications will be coded as belonging to this CJ (#17).  Many more to come.

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