Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CJ (#14) Mannor of Ley

This post continues the indenture of Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) and John Jeffreys (JE-1):

"...Witnesseth that the said Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) and John Jeffreyes (JE-1) for the sum of Five Shillings apiece to them paid by the Sr. Robert Jeffereys (JE-3) and for other valuable consideration them hereunto especially moveing have sold unto the said Sr. Robert Jeffereys (JE-3) all that ye Lordship and Mannor of Ley with the rights and appuirtenances called or know by the name of Ley with the rights and appurtenances thereeof within the Parrish of Beerfferies in County of Devon and all that the Capitall Messuage or Mancon House of the said Mannor called or known by the name of Ley wth apptenances and all those lands and hereditamts with their appurtenances in Temerton-Follett in the siad County of Devon and that Cottage with th appurtenances in Hawcombe in the said County of Devon and all Copice of Copice Wood containing by estimation Fifteen acres being in Beerfferies and all houses, buildings barns Stables gardens woods profitts libertyes franchies and hereditaments whatsoever to the said Manor Lordships and premises belonging whereof the said Cadwalader Jones (JO-1) and John Jefferies or either of them now hath any Estate of Inheritance in fee simple of all and singular the title of said premises..."

Thus continues our story.  It would seem that both Cadwallader and John Jeffreys have a right to the inheritance "in fee simple".  More to come.

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