Monday, September 17, 2012

CJ(#14) The Father of Cadwallader

A series of parallel events occur during the early 1680s in the life of our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  Bacon's Rebellion, Indian Wars, and the military service are enough to keep anyone tied up in knots.  However, it would seem that life was to keep on throwing stones at Cadwallader.  The records of (Old) Rappahannock Co. VA for the first time clearly identifies the father of Cadwallader.  Around February 1682, the following "Indenture" (deed) is recorded:

"This Indenture made the (blank) in the year of our Lord according to the computation used in England One thousand six hundred Eight & one and in the year of the Reign of or: Soveraigne Lord Charles the second &c. the three and thirthieth Between CADWALLADER JONES of Virginia, Son & heire of RICHARD JONES, late of LONDON, Merchant deceased, and JOHN JEFFREYS of LONDON Esqr. of the one part and Sr: ROBERT JEFFEREYS, Knight, one of the Aldermen of the City of LONDON of the other part..."

A primary document that clearly identifies the father of Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) as Richard Jones (JO-5).  In addition the Jeffereys family becomes connected, naming John Jeffres, Esq.(JE-1) and Robert Jeffereys (JE-3).  It describes Richard Jones(JO-5) as being a "merchant", "late of LONDON", and deceased.  Much, much more to come.

This document also shows how Rappahannock Co. viewed the dating of this record.  The writers computation reflects the fact that Charles II reign is dated from 1649.  This ignores the years of the Commonwealth under Cromwell, 1650 to 1660.  Many history books begin the reign of  Charles II 1661, and only lasting 24 years.  Thus the "33rd" year would not seem to fit the history books of today.

From: (Old) Rappahannock County Deed Book, 1682-1686, p. 3, The Ancient Press, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, RK.DB-13/90. 

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