Thursday, February 25, 2016

CJ (#52) Some Troubles

It was now August 1692 that the Executive Council of Virginia records the following:

"The Rt Honoble the Lieut Govr caused to be read some Letters he had received from Coll Cadwalladr Jones (JO-1) Govr of Providence, Sent by William Thompson (THOM-1) Master of the Sloope Swann who arrived somefew days since, and was by his Honor received the 8th day of this Instant August, wherein he gives an account of some troubles betweene him, and the Inhabitants of the place, and desires that a Friggott may be Sent him from this Government to be with him by the 12th day of this Instant, but being but one Friggott in this Country, and the time the said Jones (JO-1) mentions Expired (if his desire had been thought reasonable) noething can be done therein."

Some troubles between him [Cadwallader Jones (JO-1)] and the inhabitants of the place.  It is the recording of these troubles that gets past down in the history books of the Bahamas. [Yet to come!]  At any rate, the "Government of Virginia" could not help.  This was also the bridge period between the house of Stuart [James II - Catholic], and William and Mary (Protestant) following "The Glorious Revolution of 1688".  A new Lieutenant Governor of Virginia was to arrive September 1692 that had been appointed by William and Mary. [Lord Howard of Effingham was governor at the writing of this record who had been appointed by James II.]

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