Saturday, October 31, 2015

CJ (#47) Cultural Dynamics (3) Social Class

Social class becomes the third distinct category that placed folks into separate groups.  During the time of our Cadwallader (JO-1), this category was an important aspect of their very existence.  Viewed in the context of previous post, the following is shown:

"Yeomen" verses "Gentlemen"; or those who work with their hands, and those who do no manual labor, defines this segmented society.  Mutual exclusive would be these categories, so that a genealogist could separate one individual from another by knowing which of these categories an ancestor resided.

The broad structure of this "social class" is shown in the following drawing:

Peerage to the poor organized the social groups accepted during the time of our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  "Catholic", "Monarchist", "Gentry", would classify our Cadwallader.  The rest of the Bahama accounts reflect the writings of another, "Protestant", "Republican", "Gentry" named Thomas Bulkley (BUL-1). [also spelled Bulkeley]  Our story continues!

A good reference for this is "The World We Have Lost, England Before the Industrial Age", by Peter Laslett, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1965.

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