Thursday, June 11, 2015

CJ (#42) More Instructions 1689

On the same page of the "Calender of State Papers - Colonial Series 13, American and West Indies 1689 - 1692, p. 179 (#555) continues additional instructions to our Cadwallader:

Dated "Nov 14"

     "Instructions to Governor Cadwallader Jones.  The Proprietor's deputies are always to be of the Council.  An Assembly of twenty elected members is to be called.  The council will be of six freeholders elected by Parliament and six deputies of the Proprietors.  All Councillors are to swear allegiance to the King.  Signed.  Craven, Ashley, Carteret. P. Colleton [Col. Entry Bk Vol XXII - p. 152]

Instructions for the political structure of the Bahama Islands under the "Proprietor's Government" November, 1689. 

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