Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Connectors (2)

The Bahamas have their own unique history.  One of the earliest maps to show the geographic location and the position in the Caribbean is shown next.

First published in 1566 by Zaltieri, the island can be seen just off the coast of "LA FLORIDA".   From here, it heads a stream of islands forming a chain southeast that filters all ships sailing from the "CLOFO MEXICANO" [Gulf of Mexico]  The Atlantic current would bring the Spanish treasure ships along the coast of Florida through this group of islands.

In the book by Michael Cration called "A History of the Bahamas" he discusses the recovery of a sunken Spanish treasure ship in 1687. [Picture of book cover shown next.]

On page 76 he outlines how a "Captain John Smith" organized an operation supported by the second Duke of Albermarle.  They were the first to use a water-cask called "diving-bell".  This recovery caused "gold fever" among those in England and in the colonies, but especially among the Proprietors of the Carolina grant.

Now this "Captain John Smith" was an alias for a Francis Dade (DAD-1) who's family had direct connection  to our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  This connection proves to be important as the story continues.  You might imagine how Cadwallader (JO-1) would jump at the chance to get involved in the "gold fever".  Much, much, more to come!

Map enlarged from: "The Mapping of North America, Three centuries of map-making 1500 - 1860", by John Goss. [p.32]  Published by The Wellfleet Press, NJ, 1990.

The book by Michael Craton was first published 1962 by San Salvador Press, Ont. Canada.  Editions were reprinted in 1968, 1986, and 1992.

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