Thursday, February 5, 2015

CJ (#38) A Silver Cup

The (Old) Rappahannock County Order book of 1685 - 1687 for the 3rd day of August 1687 (p.89) continues:

"Whereas by virture of an Attachmt. issued & signed by his Excellecny directed to the High Sheriff of Rappa: County against the Estate of Colnll. Cadwalider Jones (JO-1) at the Suit of the Honble. Nicholas Spencer Esqr. (SPE-1) the Sheriff made seizure of goods belonging to the sd Colnll. Jones (JO-1) in the hands of Robert Taliaferro (TA-1) amt: in value to Eighteen hundred pounds of tobb & cask and a Silver Cup and the sd Taliaferro (TA-1) refusing to render up the sd goods & Cup, the Court upon representation thereof have ordered that the sd Robert Taliaferro (TA-1) forthwith deliver the sd goods & Silver Cup to the Sheriff to the use of the sd Nicholas Spencer, Esq. (SPE-1)"
  "Court adjourned till after Diner"

Not wanting to give up the "goods", including the Silver Cup, which had been placed in the hands of Robert Taliaferro (TA-1), the court orders old Robert to give the goods to the said Nicholas Spencer.  Our Cadwallader would have left the county by now, and was on his way to England.  You will have to read back through the post to connect how these goods were connected to Robert Taliaferro (TA-1) and our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).

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