Monday, July 14, 2014

CJ (#35) An Oath 1686

At a Rappahannock County court held the 4th day of August 1686 it is recorded:

"Ordered that Mr. John Catlett (CA-1) & Mr. John Taliaferro (TA-4) do meet at some convenient place on the 15th day of next Septemr: then & there to Inventory & appraise the Estate of Robert Cash (CAS-1) decd and that they make report of their proceedings herein to the next South side Court to be held for this County. Colnll. Cadwalader Jones (JO-1) is requested to administer an Oath to the sd Appraisers for their more just & true appraisement as also to call before him all such persons as shall be any wise suspected to have any of the Estate of the sd Cash in their hands & to administer an Oath to them for the discovery of the same "

It would seem that our Cadwallader (JO-1) was still active on the south side of Rappahannock River in August 1686.   John Catlett (CA-1) and John Taliaferro (TA-4) were both involved continuously in the life of our Cadwallader. (JO-1) 

The document is recorded in (Old) Rappahannock County Orders 1685 - 1687, p. 51.

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