Wednesday, June 11, 2014

CJ (#33) The Straw (part 1)

Life was certainly not easy for old Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) during the years 1985 - 1986.  It was on the 3rd of March 1685/6 (1686) that the following was recorded in the court order book of (Old) Rappahannock County.

"Mr. John Taverner (TAV-1) appeared Attorney for Mr. Tho. Glascock, (GL-1), Attorney Capt. Wm. Wraxall (WR-1).

     - Whereas upon issue joyned between William Wraxall (WR-1) of the Citty of Bristoll in the Kingdom of England, Mariner, and William Colston (COLS-1) of Rappa: County in his Maties Colony of Virginia, the Plt. by his Attorney, Thomas Glascock (GL-1), shewed that whereas Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) of the sd County & Colony Gent. did draw Bills of Exchange for Sixteen pounds Sterling money of England upon John Jeffries Esqr. (JE-1) Merchant in London, payable unto the sd William Colston (COLS-1) which sd Bills of Exchange for a consideracon received the Defent. assigned to the sd Wm. Wraxall (WR-1), but..."

This record becomes a bit confusing with similar names and the way it is written.  I will try to separate the document into sections calling this "part 1" which establishes the issue.  Our Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) gave a "Bills of Exchange" for sixteen pounds Sterling (English Money) payable to William Colston (COLS-1) [was clerk of court 1683 ].  This was based upon John Jeffries Esqr. (JE-1), merchant in London [He has long standing relationship to many in the colony of VA and the Jeffery family comes through the same line as our Cadwallader!]  William Colston (COLS-1) then makes "a consideration" with William Wraxall (WR-1) Mariner from the City of Bristol... "but"... more to come.

From: (Old) Rappahannock County Orders 1685 - 1687, pp. 32 - 33.

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