Sunday, January 26, 2014

CJ (#27) A Justice of The Peace 1685

On July 2nd, 1685, at a court held for Rappahannock County, "Colnll. Cadwall. Jones" (JO-1) appears as a justice for the peace.  It would seem that his social position had not suffered in this environment where he had been "High" sheriff, and had his bond recalled as a breach of his service.  He is listed with:

"Att a Court held for Rappa:County July ye 2d 1685, Present Colnll. Jno. Stone (ST-1), Lt. Colnll. Wm. Loyd (LO-1), Colnll. Cadwall. Jones (JO-1), Capt. Geo. Tayler (TAY-2)".  A large number of cases were handled on this day in court. [See (Old) Rappahannock County Order (1683-1685) p. 93 - 97.]

It is important to record that on the day before, July 1, a Katerine Jones is recorded (JO-8) as follows:

"Quietus est is granted to Katherine Jones (JO-8) from the Estate of her deced Husband Robt: Jones (JO-9) haveing by the accot: exhibited to this Court made it appeare that she hath paid the whole Estate as inventoried to the Creditors thereof"

This date records that a Katherine Jones (JO-8) was the widow of a Robert (Robt.) Jones (JO-9).  This Robert Jones (JO-9) has his own family story dealing with the Civil War period in England.  It has been discussed by many others that a "Katerine Jones (JO - ?) was the wife of our Cadwallader.  It is possible that it was this Katherine Jones (JO-8), who was actually the wife of Robert Jones (JO-9), that has been confused with this person.  More to come.

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