Sunday, November 17, 2013

CJ ( #26) Another Judgment

The Rappahannock County Court continues on the 1st of April 1685 giving the following:

"Judgmt. is granted to Colnll. Caldwaldr:Jones (JO-1), assignee of Nicholas Spencer Esqr.(SPE-1) Attorney of the Lord Culpeper, against the Estate of Majr. Wm. Smyth (SM-44) deced for Eleven thousand pounds of tobb:& caske being the condicon of a Bond bearing date the 30th day of 7ber 1683, the consideration for which the sd Bond was passed by attestation the Honrble. Nicholas Spencer Esqr. (SPE-1) appearing to be for Quit Rents reced by the sd. Major. Smyth during his Office of Sheriff of this County wch: is 11715 lbs. of tobb: & cask; Tis Court have ordered to be pd. according to priority in Law wth: costs of suit als exec."

This case shows the connections that our Cadwallader (JO-1) had with the powers to be!  Lord Culpeper [King Charles II granted the "Northern Neck" to some half-dozen noblemen in 1649.] had
received transfers of ownership to this area, and was to die around 1688/90.  Nicholas Spencer (SPE-1) represented Lord Culpeper as his attorney.  Our Cadwallader was then the assignee of Spencer.

See Hening, Vol. 1, p 358 for a discussion of the 1649 grant.  An understanding of the origin and ownership of the Northern Neck becomes important in later tree climbing adventures.

The case is recorded (Old) Rappahannock County Orders (1683 - 1685), p. 74.

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