Friday, June 21, 2013

CJ (#22) In The Countyr's Service

The Rappahannock County Court was a busy place.  Folks were trying to get things back in order after many years of upheaval following Bacon's rebellion and the Indian wars that continued.   On the 2nd day of April 1684 it was recorded:

"Col. Cadwalladr: Jones presented to this Court an Accompt for Soldiers pay amounting to fower thousand two hundred twenty eight pounds of tob: for wch &c.  It did appeare by the Oath of Col. Cadwalladr: Jones that David Meredith (MER-2) had a Horse died in the Countyr's Service about March 1683/4 as they were ranging for which &c."

Cadwallader certainly seemed to keep good records.  His accounts over the years were very detailed and inclusive.   This ranging was certainly part of his exploration adventures resulting in his map shown in the post "CJ (#19) Behind The Blue Ridge in 1682".   The Rappahannock Indians were involved in much of the courts activities during this time period, and must have had a key roll in Cadwallader's trading network.

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