Saturday, February 23, 2013

CJ (#17) Maj'r Robt. Beverly

Letters were flying back and forth between William Fitzhugh and just about everyone else.  In a letter dated "febry 8th 1683-4" He includes "Coll Jones" in this discussion.  It reads as follows:

"Maj'r Robt. Beverly.
      This Messenger gives me the opportunity of sending you your papers again for except Jonas Rivetts I cannot get one pound Remainder; Mr. Brent saith he hath or will satisfie yourself.  Westmoreland and Stafford discharge themselves by Coll Jones.  Pinett is incapable of payment and God knows when he will be better able, so in vein for me to keep it in expectation.  Coll Lee says for whats your due he will agree with your self and make complyance...."

Here involves a number of individuals that were play a role in sorting through my JONES family tree.

Major Robert Beverly (BEV-1)
Mr. Brent [Giles Brent] (BRE-2)
Coll. Lee [Richard Lee] (LE-1)
William Fitzhugh (FI-1)

However, on this date, sorting through who was "paying up" and who still owed the bank was the issue.
[Remember the number (CJ #17) represent the topic involved.  (CJ #17) is the subject dealing with the letter of William Fitzhugh (FI-1).]

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