Monday, December 17, 2012

CJ (#16) Mount Paradise

The year 1682 was filled with lots of events surrounding the life of  Cadwallader Jones (JO-1).  A letter is recorded in "America and West Indies", Vol. 11, 1681-1685 dated February 6, 1682.  It is listed as being written from "Mount Paradise Virginia".  It appears on page 198, item # 397 :

"Mr. C. Jones to Lord Baltimore.  This is to ask you for a permit for trade at Nanticoke only for Roanoke and Peake, if there be any commodity prohibited by your laws.  I have an inland trade about four hundred miles from here S.S.W.  This year the Indians will leave Roanoke, and I have a considerable trade with them.  Through it I learned six weeks since of the motion of the Seneca Indians about three hundred miles S.S.W. from here.  They took from an Indian town thirty-five prisoners and four or five from several small towns under the mountains near five hundred miles [from hence].  They have so oppressed the Indians that they have made no corn this year; they are now in a full body returning home.  By reckoning they may be now in your country on their return "when the turkeys gobble", by the information of those that were here.  I expect to hear from the priest, and will forward any further news.  Not long since I was at Mr. Heale's and heard of your coming to Notley Hall.  He gave me to understand that you would take it kindly if I watched the action of Mr. Fendall, which I have since made it my business to do.  He converses with no gentry, for they would condemn one so arrogant as a man to be watched in all his motions.  Mens' actions are so carefully inspected here that you need fear no mischief from Fendall in your country.  Your grant of a permit to trade would be an act of charity."   [copy. 1 p. On the page within, A secod note from the same to the same dated 3rd March 1682.] "On the other side is a copy of a letter which I was promised should be delivered, but you being not at Notely Hall it was returned.  Pray empower the bearer Thomas Ousley, to trade for me.  Signed Cadwallader Jones."

Holograph. 1/2 p. Endorsed, "Letter concerning Virginia" Reed. from my Lord Baltimore." [Col. Papers, Vol. XLVIII., No. 22]

Wow..."Mount Paradise"...I wonder.  There is much to be gained from exploring the content of this letter.


  1. Thomas Owsley is an ancestor on my maternal grandmother's side. Cadwallader Jones is an ancestor on my paternal grandmother' side. One of the great things about geneology in the US is that all the ancestors, if they arrived early enough, were on the east coast. It's fascinating to discover them crossing paths in the 1600s in VA, MD, PA, or NC, then 200 years later in KY!

    1. How neat is that! We certainly must share some of that stuff called chromosomes. How does your paternal grandmother's side connect through Cadwallader Jones? Would love to climb out some more family tree branches.