Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CJ(11) : The List 1677

Lieut. Col. Cad. Jones (JO-1) and Mr. David Jones (JO-2) are credited with the transport of 282 persons on the patent of 29 December 1677. [Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol.II, p. 191.]  A host of surnames are given including an additional JONES.  "Cad. Jones" and "Wm. Jones" are listed twice.  This usually meant that the named individual was transported twice [a round trip] from the colonies to England, and back to the colonies.  In some grants, it is clear that it is the same individual when the name is followed by "2x" or "twice".  However in this listing, it could be possible that there were two separate Williams and two Cadwalladers.

It becomes clear why a coding system is necessary, when there are a few JONES to be identified and followed.   William Jones (JO-3) and John Jones (JO-4) become the next on our what is to become a very long list of JONES.

"Mr. David Jones" would suggest that he is identified as one who would be recognized among the folks making the records, since the "Mr." is included in his naming.  At this time, the only "David Jones" has already established himself in 1635, being "Over against Tapahnna Marsh" [CP, Vol. I, p. 25]  He accumulates a fair amount of land along the James River in the area that was to be called "Weyanoke".  A "Rice Hoe" had land close by in 1665 [CP, Vol.I, p.543] and this surname continues through our Cadwallader.  I suspect that this David Jones (JO-2) is an uncle or 1st cousin.

An extensive listing of the surnames identify a number that are important in the family tree.  Booth, Salisbury, Chamberlaine, Townesman (Towensend), Wood, Williams, Salley (Sallie), Hopkins, Smith, Wilson, Lewis, Davis, Griffeth, Butler, Powell, and a host of others are to be found.  Making such a list is often helpful in showing a strong family relationship.

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