Monday, March 18, 2013

CJ (#17) His Business

William Fitzhugh continues his letters dated May 10th, 1684.  It reads:

"Mr. William Sherwood
      Sr. In Colld Jones his business, pleas to follow the order he has given me p his letter and secure his Tobo as near as may be according to his directions, first taking out what's your own due in my name p order of Colld Jones in what county you please, after that pay Mr. Secretary upon my account of the said Tobo 2000 lb in Westmoreland county, or where else he shall direct, or you can procure it, and get the remainder to make up 8000 lb Tobo to be paid to me in Stafford county if possible, or at least in Westmoreland county and contrive to get the Remainder to Colld Jones his best advantage, according to direction of his letter.  Please also to use your endeavors to procure his claims, expressed in his letter and I dare say he will not be ungrateful, but gentilely satsifie you."

This letter seems to deal with the tobacco paid Cadwallader Jones (JO-1) for his service to the Indian Wars of 1676 - 1682.  The counties of Stafford and Westmoreland were to give part of this amount.  William Fizhugh(FI-1) seems to be in charge of the trade and exchange, accounts, and settlement of this tobacco trade.  The complete account of the letters of William Fitzhugh (FI-1) can be found in the following:

This reference is located at Centre College Library, F229.F57.  It provides all the known letters written by William, and his world of 1676 - 1701.  It was published by The University of North Carolina Press, in 1963.

Friday, March 8, 2013

CJ (#17) Sweet Scented

The letters of Willima Fitzhugh (FI-1) continue .  On March 30, 1684 he writes to a "Mr. Jno. Cooper" who appears to be one of his agents of trade.  It reads: [Only the part discussing Cadwallader Jones is copied.]

".... I have p Capt. Norrington shipped six hhrd Tobo 3 No. 1, 2, 3, are Oronoks of my own crop, 3 more No 4, 5, 6 are sweet scented, and of Colld Jones his crop, I hope they will yield a good price, their freight  being very low, the heighth is not to exceed  f 5, 5,p  Tunnal charges clear, perhaps lower, if any freighter on board has lower, then I am to have at that rate....."

This correspondence would seem to indicate that our Cadwallader (JO-1) managed to grow a crop of "sweet scented" tobacco during the year 1683.  It could be part of the tobacco that he was payed for his service during the Indian Wars, but it states "his crop".  Certainly during this time,  tobacco was the major merchandise to be shipped to England.  William Fizhugh (FI-1) seems to have a continual relationship with our Cadwallader. (JO-1).